Focus, But Don’t Fret; Plan, But Don’t Over Predict!

When we begin to predict what exactly needs to happen and when, or what the other person will do or say, we move out of the vibration of possibility and into the mental world. By now you’ve most likely mastered an ability to identify everything that could possibly ever need to get “done,” and probably put most of it on your “To Do” list (often rolling them over from one version to the next because they “To Didn’t” happen)… perhaps it’s time to consider why that might be. 

We create in life what we feel with zest! You’ve got to FEEL it. Feel it in your CORE. And it must INSPIRE you! So, get clear about what you are creating then make a “To Feel” list. Begin checking off the internal experiences you spend the day feeling–regardless of your circumstances–and watch your world shift. Your energetic vibration changes and your surroundings like a magnet are drawn in! What would you feel today if you could feel anything you choose, and you knew you couldn’t fail?

Creating your ideal life happens with focus; creating at a higher vibration than you were just a moment ago happens with JOY and TRUSTING THE UNSEEN. 

Nothing creates more magically than a focused mind. Except of course a focused mind supported by a trusting heart. It has been said, “The longest journey in life is the one from your mind to your heart.” 

The good news is, there is a Shortcut! Begin now by making your “To Feel” list.