Coaching & Mentoring

Helping individuals, teams and organizations to generate sustainable and meaningful change, our team of experts is ready to serve.

  • Coaching – individual, group, business, energy
  • Mentoring – leadership, companies, personal growth, life transitions and energy management

Online Courses & Mastermind Groups

Explore engaging online courses designed to allow you to learn at your own pace. Many of our courses have biweekly mastermind groups allowing you to grow and learn with other like-minded leaders. Our signature course, Reclaim Your Life, helps you create the life you would love to live while creating your own personal playbook for life. Our newest course, The Energy Leadership Project is launching Spring 2020! This course helps you learn how to show up as your best self creating an effective personal system for thriving in our ever-changing world while becoming an ideal leader.

WORKSHOPS - Live & Virtual

Karen's fully customizable workshops & webinars serve individuals and organizations to create sustainable high performance in their work and in their life.  Karen's highly coveted HEART, Heading An Energized and Resilient Team engages a team on a journey to increased energy and resilience while reconnecting them with the meaning behind the choices they make and the work they do.

Keynotes, half and full day workshops are offered to create a vision with tangible actions to establish energy essentials for resilience and performance.  Many are offered throughout the year live in our teaching room and virtually through Zoom in the comforts of your home or office. Webinars are available on a variety of topics from business travel, energized meetings to managing your energy while working remotely.

Mind-Body Retreats

Opportunities to get away, grow with like-minded people while taking time to relax and restore your energy is powerful. Together we practice and learn principles to connect mind, body, breath and spirit. These retreats allow us a unique and intimate environment for elevating energy and personal expansion.

Next Steps

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