Dear Unhealthy Stress, Let’s Break Up

DIn 2017 the World Health Organization found that depression is now the leading cause of disability and ill health worldwide. When we think of stress, it’s usually after the fact, when we’re already experiencing stress. “Stress is here! I need to manage it!” We can become stressed about being stressed.

This cycle isn’t working for us. We have this narrative because we often perceive stress to be inevitable fallout of growth or change, negative events, or today’s complex world. Stress occurs, we respond after the fact and often, ineffectively. Rinse and repeat.

We can learn to decipher the differences between “good” stress and “bad” stress and how to change this pattern and be our best selves.

Where is Your Stress Today?

The first step to eliminating negative stress and living a life of healthy stress is to know where you are today in relationship to pressure and performance in your life.

Most people just go through the motions in life, they are disengaged and do not feel true passion or fulfillment. In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that upwards of 70% of workers are limited in their engagement at work and in life or not engaged at all. 

Ultimately, we know that when we become more engaged in life, we become: 

  • More conscious 
  • Judgment about ourselves and others decreases 
  • Stress lessens 
  • And productivity, pleasure, and the feeling of purpose and fulfillment increases 

The key to remember is healthy stress is good for you. Stress is how we develop and grow. It motivates us to success and heightens are awareness. Science has demonstrated that healthy stress: 

  • Boosts Our Brain Power 
  • It increases our immunity, in the short term 
  • Can make you more resilient 
  • Motivates you to success and grow 
  • It enhances child development 

To better comprehend your emotional energy it’s important to understand that your body cannot tell the difference between an actual experience that triggers an emotional response, and an emotion fabricated through thought process alone—such as when worrying about something negative that might occur but has not actually happened, or conversely, thinking about something positive and pleasant. 

The fact that you can activate your body’s stress response (which produces chemicals that can make you sick) simply by thinking means that you wield tremendous power over your physical state in every moment. Moreover, it means that you can literally manifest disease, or healing, by thinking.

Change Your Energy

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) enables to hold up a mirror to your own emotional energy including your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and leadership capabilities. The E.L.I. Strategic Debrief teaches you ways to show up as your best self when you need it most. Schedule your session today!