We specialize in increasing your performance with expert knowledge on energy and resilience while generating success and wellbeing.


Mentoring individuals, teams and organizations generate sustainable and meaningful change, our team of experts is ready to serve.

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Keynote Speaker

Karen blends deep, real-world experience and credibility with a magnetic stage presence to deliver the biggest impact.

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Course & Mastermind

Explore engaging online courses designed to allow you to learn at your own pace with a mastermind component. Learn about the Energy Leadership Project.

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What Is B.E.S.T.?

Heather works with energy for clearing interferences and establishing new circuitry for healing and transformation.

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Personal Growth

Like you’ve never experienced…

Personal and spiritual development are more needed than ever before. We know how difficult it can be to find a qualified mentor to support your growth. That’s why we developed a system that will fully support you in whatever level of expansion you seek.

A mentor is a guide who has walked the path before, here to support you with their skills & ability to encourage you as you discover your true path. Karen & Heather, the mother-daughter duo behind Possibilities8, lead their own lives applying what they teach and guide you to reach your full potential.

From personal development, wellness, energy leadership, masterminds groups and so much more, we are excited to serve individuals and organizations with these powerful transformational tools.



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