Emotional Connection Matters

We are emotional beings. It’s biological. We’ve evolved this way. As emotional beings our connection with others matters. This includes emotional connections in our personal life as well as our work life. This may be a surprise to some as many people feel alone in this life and are focused on their own journey. The truth is on some level we all seek to belong. It is part of the human condition.

How do emotional connections play a role in our work? At times, it feels like we are on a never-ending journey, constantly working to understand and communicate more effectively with our co-workers, boss and customers. Yet, with all of our effort, sometimes our communication and experience fall flat.

The reality is that it is emotions, both conscious and unconscious, that are driving behaviors.

Understanding your emotional energy and how you interact in the world is important. This includes knowing how you show up when things are going well and how your emotional energy shifts under stress. Equally important is, the impact of our emotional energy on others.

Energy, connection and leadership is what we are about at Possibilities 8. We help individual leaders of their own life and leaders of others to learn to live and create from the inside out. Energy Leadership is effectively managing your energy and knowing how to create relationships that matter. This includes how to transform your relationships, workplace and your life from the core.

This month is all about emotional connection and now through the end of the first quarter we are offering a steep discount on one of our most powerful tools for understanding your own energy and the impact of your energy on others.

To get you started in managing your energy make a habit of taking regular breaks throughout your day. Our energy has a natural rhythm that ebbs and flows approximately every 90 minutes throughout out your waking hours. Learning to take regular breaks allows your energy system an opportunity to recover. Whether you have one minute or 15, taking a walk down the hall for a glass of water or making a call to someone you love, will give your energy a chance to recharge.

I invite you to practice it now by closing your eyes and taking a deep conscious breath from over your head, through your nose down through the center of your body and out through the ground below you. Then repeat the breath from under your feet and out through the crown of your head. There, you did it! You just took your first step in managing your energy.

Learn how to effectively manage and grow your energy leadership. Knowing how to effectively manage and grow your emotional energy is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. It will change your relationships and your life.