Activate Your Full Potential

Each of us has the potential to be and to do great things, yet we often don’t. From my experience, 30 years of training and teaching, there is a very specific and predictable pattern each of us exhibits. This pattern serves to sabotage our best dreams, our best hopes for our success. It’s a pattern etched deep inside us, which seems very logical and reasonable, yet does not serve us well. This pattern tends to derail our path to our greater good, our best self. The ability to follow through with the plan for success falls short. It never seems to materialize with the passion and delivery we think and hope it will. So, ask yourself, “Where am I towards my dreams, and my goals? And, Where do I feel it in my body when I think about it?”

Here’s what I know. There is a specific and deliberate course of action or, more truthfully, inaction you follow. It’s been with you since a very young age, and unless specific steps are taken to release this pattern, it will remain for the rest of your life. You will blame others and the environment, look for excuses, and never realize your fullest potential. For some they would benefit from thinking more about the needs of those around them. For others, they would benefit from thinking more about themselves, me too!

What is it that holds you back? 

The answers I hear most often revolve around “not being enough” or “self-doubt”. Here are a couple of examples: 

You need the approval of others to make a decision. 

You fear disappointing others by making a decision they might not approve. You feel stuck in the wait-and-see mode. Rather than listening to your inner wisdom, you bat ideas around in your head trying to talk yourself into or out of the entire decision making process. Self-doubt takes over and you feel helpless, almost paralyzed to act. Think about something you wanted to do and just didn’t follow through with. However, when you decide to go with your gut and with your heart, you are in charge of your outcome, your happiness. I’ve learned that by making decisions based on my instincts and my gut, I can create the life and happiness I deserve. 

You compare yourself to everyone else.

If you look at someone who has been in business for several years or is highly accomplished, you see their success as enviable. And, in truth, when you fall short of their results and level of success, you don’t stop to think about their journey, trials and tribulations they must have gone through to be successful. You can’t see the challenges they had so, to you, those challenges never happened. You have no idea about the level of commitment they have invested, the many shifts and re-directions they have gone through. Comparing yourself to others only leaves you feeling inadequate, incapable and discouraged.

Acknowledging what you have already accomplished, rather than ruminating on what someone else has done, is an important key to your success. Focus on your path to success; celebrate the small wins which will re-set your thinking, and you will begin to feel happy and gain momentum.

Creating the ideal life, you dream to live is about mastering the inner game of life showing up as your best self!