New Year

Happy 2020! Last week we welcomed in a fresh new year and this first full week of January most will return to their daily routines. Although excited about a new beginning many of us will find this transition leaves us feeling a bit sad and pressured in the process. Looming memories of holiday fun and leftover clutter fill one part of our brain while new timelines and deadlines land on our calendar as the many spokes of the wheel of our life kick back into full gear.

These are the moments we talk about as we teach the many tips and tools for increasing your energy, resilience and sustainable high performance in life and in work. Here are a few helpful tips for living an energized and resilient life. Check out our Services page to download the Six Ways Report with other helpful suggestions for effectively managing your energy and showing up as your best self.

Our message to make the most of this new year and new decade is , “Choose To Be Happy Without a Reason! You don’t need to wait for something to make you happy—like waiting for someone to love you, buying a new house or car, outperforming your competitors or last year’s goals. You can be happy right now without any reason.

Happiness is a choice. It’s about choosing to be open and free, rather than suffering, being closed off and restricted. The moment you make that choice, you can just be happy without any reason. This is instant and pure happiness. It is complete happiness because it’s unconditional.

Does it seem hard? If it does, then ask yourself this question: does it take me a long time to get angry and upset? Probably not. Similarly, changing your energy and being happy doesn’t take long at all. It’s possible right now. Your emotions are just energies flowing through your energy system. Your brain’s plasticity carries the full spectrum of your consciousness. Your awareness can feel shame, fear, anxiety, and resentment in one instant and love, happiness, compassion, and peace in another.

As life naturally does, the new year will also bring us trials and challenges. Good things will happen, and difficult things will happen too. However, if our consciousness chooses “openness and brightness,” we’ll see hope and possibility in any situation.

Shifting your energy can be as simple as flipping on a light switch once you know how. Everyone can choose brightness reflecting the light within us. You can create complete happiness for yourself without looking for it in anything or anyone else. The world will be a better place when more people choose to approach life in this way.