Drop Struggle, Find Flow

Have you ever noticed we are addicted to struggle. We like to struggle. We find ways to struggle about anything…Look around as we enter the holiday season, struggle is everywhere. Just notice how many times you struggled yesterday. Notice how many times you interpreted something as some kind of friction, or resistance, or something you didn’t like, something that wasn’t right, or something that “should be different.”

Every time we pull into that disposition, we make life hard. It doesn’t have to be hard to create change. In fact, to create change, all we have to do is stop what we’ve been doing to make life so hard.

The work that it takes to create something is equal to the work it takes to sustain it if we are pushing the river. If we pause for just a moment, find a flow in our lives that is intended to be for us, life unfolds naturally and automatically. It manifests in front of your eyes. It seems like, “could I really have it this good where I am not suffering like I used to suffer in order to benefit in some way?” As it turns out, you absolutely can. And, you are absolutely intended to.

One of the most difficult things that you will do is accept the Grace, accept the Goodness, accept the ease with which your life can change.